5 - 26 April 2013

dalla Rosa is proud to present the new project by artist duo Bozhinov/Ricci, Tabula Impressa is a visual-semiotic exploration broadly based on the Jungian idea that man is not born as a blank canvas but already carries elements from a communal, ancestral background.

The starting point of this project is a collection of signs gathered from the streets of London over the past year. This colourful and multiform alphabet, based on chance discoveries and carrying a limited vocabulary, has been classified in ten categories according to their shapes and arrangements, and grouped by their sensitivity to human experience and knowledge.

The surrounding circumstances – pattern of pavements, climatic conditions, presence of other elements in the immediate vicinity – and the embodiment of each sign with an inner meaning creates tools for a variety of descriptions and interpretations of reality. (Bozhinov/Ricci, 2013)

Bozhinov/Ricci is a duo of writer and artist sharing a communal field of interests, aesthetics and a cross-disciplinary approach to their research and practice. Their projects combine written and spoken word, visual work and references to other forms of human knowledge and experience.