26 April - 24 May 2014

dalla Rosa is delighted to present Solid Mark, a two-man exhibition of recent work by Richard Ducker and Kasper Pincis. Both artists deal with mark-making, inhabiting space with concrete statements through sculpture and typewritten compositions. The opening of Solid Mark is part of London Gallery Day on Friday 25 April and Saturday 26 April.

The Stealth Device series continues Ducker’s inquiry into the myth and heroics of sci-fi, its past and future, wherein lies the slippage of meanings between analogue and digital, prop and sculpture, material and form. As with Ducker’s installation series Dark Matter Flowers (2013-4) the new works open up a dialogue between mute Modernist sculpture and a fantasy future locked in a pre CGI past. The work consists of an installation of sculptural props, made from the off cuts of the Flowers series. It indulges in the passive-aggressive of void/presence, where form is protrusion, but remains indeterminate in its mediation between fact and fiction.

Having been inspired by Georges Perec's playful inhabitation of the page in Species of Spaces (1974), Kasper Pincis has been experimenting with blocks of overlapping typewritten text in various combinations of routes across the A4 page using its particular geometry. After a while this felt restrictive, as he was relying on small accidents of chance, the format too rigid, and the ratio of planning to chance, order to chaos perceived as too one-sided. Testing the paper through folds Pincis instinctively come up with rules and systems, but wanted to create a more natural, 'biological' system, like a plant growing, where the system was responding to more chance events, hence laying down squares of colour fairly casually at first, to respond to and work with.

About the Artists

Richard Ducker has exhibited throughout the UK and internationally, including: ICA (London); Kettles Yard (Cambridge); Serpentine Gallery (London); Royal Academy (Edinburgh); Mappin Gallery (Sheffield); The Yard Gallery (Nottingham); The Kitchen (New York); Flowers Central (London); Cell Project Space (London); Katherine E Nash Gallery (Minnesota, USA); Standpoint Gallery (London); Café Gallery (London); Anthony Reynolds Gallery (London). In 2006 Ducker was founder and director of Fieldgate Gallery. The space was 10,000 square feet warehouse in Whitechapel, London, and over two and half years hosted 18 exhibitions. Since the space closed in 2008 he has continued to curate under the name of Fieldgate Gallery at a variety of different venues.

Kasper Pincis' practice plays with ideas of fiction, adventure, folklore and exploration, balancing conventional imagery with his experimental approach to medium and technique. He studied at Camberwell College of Art, Goldsmiths, and Royal Academy Schools, and has taken part in exhibitions and projects in Turin, Berlin, Kraków, London. Pincis was shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012 and is featured in the upcoming book Typewriter art: a modern anthology by Barrie Tullet, published by Laurence King in May 2014.

LONDON GALLERY DAY, EC1 & WC1, 25 - 26 April 2014

After a successful first edition London Gallery Day returns in 2014 bringing together over twenty contemporary art spaces in EC1 and WC1. On Friday 25 April galleries will extend opening times to 8 pm, and on Saturday 26 the public will have the chance to visit the spaces between 12 and 8 pm, enjoying performances, talks, film screenings, and book launches.

On Saturday 26 dalla Rosa will host an informal talk about Artist Books with Jeremy Evans, Catrin Morgan, and Kasper Pincis (starts at 4 pm).

Full list of participating galleries and programme of events (PDF)  

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