11 September – 2 October 2010

dalla Rosa is proud to present By Any Means, Kasper Pincis' first solo exhibition in London. 

Working with vintage typewriters found in Deptford market, Pincis builds his aesthetic vocabulary around text quotations, delicate patterns and subtle accents of colour. His fascination with outdoorsmanship, heroic exploration and mountaineering imagery is expressed in a variety of media and loose approach.

My work isn’t based on any specific method or medium, but rather aims for a particular sensibility, informed by a fairly consistent set of influences and ideas.  Namely- economy of means of expression; the emotional territory inhabited by the cross-over between the heroic and adventurous and the domestic and bureaucratic, mainly experienced vicariously through books on exploration in the mid twentieth century; and the aesthetics of literature and academia- books, lectures, slide projectors and typewriters. (KP 2010)

Although the typewriter clarity is a constant in Pincis’ practice, a more fluid line characterises his drawings and prints, where the focus shifts towards panoramas drawn from old photos and books. Discovering sites through their depiction is part of his creative process and adds a fictional layer to the understanding of real and literary places.

About the Artist

Kasper Pincis studied at Camberwell College of Art, Goldsmiths and the Royal Academy Schools. His work has been displayed internationally and after his exhibition at dalla Rosa Gallery he will be showing at Aanant&Zoo, Berlin.