dalla Rosa Gallery at the London Art Fair (Business Design Centre, 18 - 22 January 2012) Art Projects, stand P6.

As part of this year's Art Projects dalla Rosa is presenting The Two Paths a group exhibition that brings together work by Jeremy Evans, Caroline Kha, Aaron McElroy, and Kasper Pincis. The show tackles the concept of real versus imagined journeys and destinations.

Kasper Pincis' fascination with stories of heroic expeditions is the inception to a large part of his work, he says of his practice that it is more driven by a literary impulse rather than a purely visual one. Experimenting with various media including typewriters, collage and woodcut, Kasper combines a romantic impulse with a craftsman's skill. Caroline Kha creates visionary landscapes in the series of paintings and collages A Spot of Time. Her work engages with the way people travel and experience places they visited through visual culture, such as adverts, postcards and pictures.

NY-based photographer Aaron McElroy has been exploring details of the female body and views of American suburbia in the black&white series Traces and his more recent colour prints. His work can be said to play between the traditional still-life or memento mori, and the voyeurism of the cheeky snapshot. Jeremy Evans' practice redesigns urban settings and intimate interiors through drawings, cut-outs and video work. In the recent pieceOur Boundaries Have No Limits he deconstructs a map separating it into 208 cut-out sheets of paper "removing the map's fundamental functions and leaving only the transient parts where people are never still, while keeping us in the position of overseer." (J.E. 2012).

dalla Rosa Gallery and London Art Fair present
PERFORMANCE: Some things I am not very good at by Jeremy Evans

Starting with a Pecha Kucha format, Jeremy Evans walks with us through the linguistic lines that we use to frame our reality. Taking the line from idea to object and back again he examines structures from childhood to adulthood and back again via death.