26 November – 18 December 2010

dalla Rosa Gallery is proud to present A Spot Of Time an exhibition of new paintings and collages by Caroline Kha.

 Drawing from her experience of travelling and living far away from her native Australia, Caroline creates fantasy landscapes that juxtapose known and unknown places. The panoramas assembled in her new collage series seem real, but a close inspection unveils subtle variations that confuse the perceptive eye. 

Caroline's imagined grand tour reflects the modern strive for adventure and escape, which can only be satisfied by reaching further horizons and walking unknown paths:

Most people come to London with the view to travel elsewhere. Discontent and restless, we long to keep travelling beyond the horizon. We seek a haven from the rain, the cold, the ubiquitous blanket of grey and we begin our chase of sunshine around the globe. Adverts in the tube with clear tropical blue waters, sunsets falling behind the old town or the snow-capped majestic alps promise blissful relaxation, history, culture and experiences of the sublime. Cities become places we tick off our list of places we've been to. 

These new series of collages and paintings further explore our romanticisation of travel, re-examining images of idyllic places we hold in our memories.  Over time we tend to forget any discomfort experienced on our travels. Our memories of places become doctored and multi-layered. So idealised these experiences in our minds become, during a moment of reflection, they can provide sources of comfort. Wordsworth described these oases in our memories as 'spots of time'. (CK 2010)

About the Artist

Caroline Kha studied Fine Arts at the National Art School in Sydney before moving to London and being awarded a residency at the Florence Trust (2010). Her work has been displayed in Australia, Japan and United Kingdom.